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Unique in the German market, our agency combines creative services, consulting, and IT solutions. Specializing in large and mid-sized businesses, we craft optimal customer experiences. Leveraging the expertise of the entire adesso Group and our successful partner network, we are well-equipped to guide and shape your digital transformation.

adesso + Cloudinary

adesso is an ideal Cloudinary solution partner due to our unique combination of creative agency, consultancy, and IT services. Our comprehensive approach aligns seamlessly with Cloudinary’s offerings, allowing us to provide tailored solutions in digital experience.

With a focus on user-friendly designs, robust technical implementations, and expertise in various digital domains, we ensure that Cloudinary’s capabilities are harnessed effectively. Whether it’s optimizing media management, enhancing customer experiences, or implementing cloud-based solutions, our collaboration with Cloudinary empowers businesses in their digital transformation journey.


A company is only as good as its perception by customers. When we talk about Digital Experience (DX) or Customer Experience (CX), we mean all customer interactions—from the first digital contact to post-purchase and beyond. Shape these experiences seamlessly and positively with a user-friendly brand image, thoughtful customer processes, and technically robust implementation.

We assist you with our broad expertise in skills, technology, and industry.
The Digital Experience division of adesso is a unique hybrid of creative agency, consultancy, and IT services, providing a holistic approach to tackle your challenges in digital transformation.

We support you in projects—agile, tailored, and with a special passion for the perfect Digital Experience.

Consulting & Strategy: Looking to explore new digital business fields, optimize customer processes, or define an MVP?

UX/UI Design: Want to evolve your digital brand world and gain audience favor through user-friendliness?

Online Marketing:
Seeking to increase search engine visibility, boost conversions, and/or introduce marketing automation and personalization?

Websites & Portals: Need support on the path to a Digital Experience platform or in the relaunch/refresh of your website?

E-Commerce: Considering offering your products or services in an online shop or optimizing your existing E-Commerce platform?

CRM: Looking to strengthen customer relationships, centralize complex sales processes, and simplify through automation?


North America, Europe, APAC, Japan & India, South America, Middle East

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