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A leader in composable commerce that collaborates with the premiere MACH solutions ensuring innovative and trusted digital solutions for our clients.

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Cabiri + Cloudinary

The key element of Cabiri’s innovative approach is the integration of Cloudinary into their composable commerce accelerator, Ashiba. Leveraging Cloudinary’s advanced visual media management capabilities, we enhance our clients’ online experiences by ensuring fast, optimized delivery of images and videos across all digital platforms.

This integration is part of our commitment to providing scalable, efficient solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern digital commerce. By incorporating Cloudinary, Ashiba empowers businesses to manage their media assets more effectively, improving load times, engagement rates, and ultimately, conversion rates. This strategic partnership underscores Cabiri’s dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technologies to drive growth and success in the digital marketplace.


Cabiri stands at the forefront of composable commerce partnering with brand leaders in the MACH space across the UK and Europe. Our extensive experience spans retail, luxury, and entertainment sectors, where we’ve become synonymous with delivering omni-channel, enterprise-level digital commerce solutions that our customers can rely on.

Specializing in composable architectures, Cabiri has a proven track record of developing successful, highly regarded online stores in collaboration with leading names in retail and fashion. At the heart of Cabiri’s success is a dedicated team of professionals who bring innovation and excellence to every project.

Recognized as a MACH Certified Systems Integrator in 2023, Cabiri offers bespoke solutions tailored to individual client needs, utilizing industry-leading composable components. Our comprehensive services include consulting, project discovery, and full build options, all underscored by a commitment to delivering projects on time and with exceptional quality.


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