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Florence Consulting

Leading Italy’s enterprise IT for 20+ years, Florence Consulting Group offers cutting-edge web solutions, driving digital success for top companies nationwide.

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Florence Consulting + Cloudinary

Florence Consulting Group embraces the composable enterprise model, fostering agility and flexibility crucial for thriving in today’s dynamic market. At its core, this model seamlessly integrates innovative technologies, with Cloudinary standing out as a key partner.

Cloudinary’s solutions perfectly align with Florence Consulting Group’s goals, facilitating the integration of cutting-edge technologies to build scalable digital ecosystems. In this paradigm, where modular systems swiftly adapt to business needs, Cloudinary’s API-centric architecture allows seamless integration with existing infrastructures. This empowers Florence Consulting Group to orchestrate tailored workflows with ease. For clients, this translates to real-time adaptability, enabling them to respond swiftly to market trends and consumer preferences.

Cloudinary’s role in this vision of the Composable Enterprise is transformative, facilitating the orchestration of complex digital workflows and optimizing media assets for engaging experiences across channels. Through this partnership, Florence Consulting Group equips clients with the tools to thrive in the evolving digital landscape, fostering innovation and growth.


Florence Consulting Group, with over 20 years of experience in enterprise IT, is a reference point for large Italian companies. With 5 offices in Italy and over 200 employees, Florence Consulting Group offers innovative solutions in the most technologically advanced areas for businesses in the digital age.

We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge web solutions that elevate online presence and operational efficiency for our clients. Our collaborative approach is founded on a demonstrated ability to integrate sophisticated solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction and a successful track record with over 60 of the top 200 national companies.

We stand ready to navigate digital challenges together, guiding your company towards new horizons with advanced solutions.


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