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Nearform + Cloudinary

At Nearform, we have a solid reputation for creating modern, user-centered applications by using best-of-breed services and platforms like Cloudinary. We’d love to assist you in enhancing your media workflows and improving your users’ experiences. Let us help you out!


Nearform partners with clients from startups to Fortune 100s to design and build solutions to the toughest software problems. Imagine it.

Tight integration with headless CMS
Integration with headless CMSs allows for creating and editing digital assets in a collaborative and unified workspace with streamlined workflows.

Advanced asset transformation APIs
Transform media and deliver a customized version of the asset using URL parameters to adjust color, size, bitrate, resolution, and scale.

Streamlined processes with asset automation
Asset automation streamlines the release process allowing our clients to focus on other features that impact the business and the customer.

Single Source of Truth for Digital Assets
Single source for all assets across the organization. In the composable world, this is crucial to reduce redundancies and reuse assets across any piece of the system.

Improved page load, improved SEO
SEO is critical to our e-commerce clients, and Cloudinary makes it easy to meet and exceed the performance requirements for high rankings with dynamic SEO-friendly URLs for assets.


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