Cloudinary SAP Commerce Cloud Extension

Take your SAP Commerce Cloud experience to the next level with the Cloudinary extension. Deliver highly optimized images and videos across all touchpoints to enhance customer experience, increase conversions, and reduce time-to-market.

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Cloudinary + SAP Commerce:
Better Together

Cloudinary for SAP Commerce is an extension enabling you to create rich media experiences on your storefront, whether B2B or B2C, without leaving your SAP Commerce Cloud environment. By leveraging Cloudinary’s automatic image and video optimization and transformation capabilities and delivering responsive media through a global content delivery network, you can create, manage, and deliver dynamic visual experiences easily and efficiently.

Automated optimization & transformation

Advanced video capabilities

Multi - CDN delivery (including China)

Immersive Product Gallery

Cloudinary + SAP Commerce:
How it Works

With Cloudinary as your visual media management and experience platform, you can harness the power of automation and AI within your existing tech stack to empower your team to deliver a visual shopping experience that is consistent, personalized, and optimized across all the touch points.

“E-commerce brands are competing in an increasingly visual economy needed to drive conversions. There is an urgency for brands to optimize their visual media — and without the automation required to manage both volume and speed, retailers will continue to miss opportunities to make customer engagement and conversions gains.

To help these companies thrive, we’ve redoubled our efforts to introduce new innovations and partner integrations like the SAP Commerce Cloud Extension to deliver unique, visual experiences to a global online audience.”

Gary Ballabio, Cloudinary’s Vice President, Technology Partnerships.

Cloudinary + SAP Commerce:
Key Benefits

Modular integration compatible with SAP Spartacus & SmartEdit

Get started fast with out of box solution

Easy access for Cloudinary within SAP Commerce Cloud

Automation capabilities that scale with your business

The Products

Programmable Media

API-based video and image management with dynamic manipulations—for resizing, cropping, overlays—automated optimization, and accelerated delivery of content via CDNs.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital asset management (DAM) to meet the unique needs of today focusing on flexibility, intelligent automation, and scale.

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