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Portaltech Reply

Portaltech Reply is the leading partner for SAP Customer Experience solutions with offices in Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

Portaltech Reply + Cloudinary

The Portaltech and Cloudinary partnership aims to introduce SAP Commerce-based solutions to the powerful set of capabilities delivered by Cloudinary helping customers step up their media game and dramatically improve customer experience.

The collaboration started with the development of a seamless integration of the Cloudinary solution within the SAP Commerce ecosystem allowing SAP customers to enjoy and leverage on the new media management and transformation functionalities without the need to abandon the back-office tools they were already used to.

This, on top of the extraordinary capabilities of Cloudinary, is one of the winning points as it reduces the need of change management and team training which will continue to use their typical back-office tools enriched with the Cloudinary features.

Overall, joining the forces with Cloudinary, allows Portaltech to bring an innovative and powerful solution, within the best on the market, to fill the gaps and expand what customers can do with their SAP Commerce based implementation.


The company has successfully completed a number of extensive SAP implementation projects and has been awarded Global Partner of the Year several times. Portaltech Reply offers an end-to-end set of products and services for multi-channel commerce. This includes: consulting, commerce platform implementation and integration, mobile and digital design, SAP Commerce Cloud and on-premise warehouse management, proximity marketing, SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce, mobile payment and Cloud based hosting on the Amazon and Google platforms, wrapped in a full managed service from one single supplier.


North America, Europe, APAC, Japan & India, Middle East

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