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Cloudinary EMX: Your Shortcut to Revenue and Retention

Judging by today’s business headlines the phrase, “It’s tough out there,” might be a bit of an understatement. Inflation, supply chain issues, macro economic crises are sending ripples across all industries. 

Closer to the workplace the pains and constraints created by these outside forces have created added challenges for those in the CPO, VPs of Product, or Directors of Product Management roles. These challenges are felt as fiscal belt tightening, scarcity of resources, or inability to innovate the way you need. To name a few.

Taken together, these issues are most likely negatively impacting your customer acquisition and the retention numbers you’re responsible for.

Compounding the problem on a micro-level is the matter of expertise. 

Whether it’s building, or maintaining, expertise in visual media across your existing team, this is time consuming, distracts from focusing on your core (and already overloaded) roadmap, and can create future or long-term constraints. 

By day’s end you’re likely asking yourself, who is going to stay on top of all of the emerging file formats and types so we don’t fall behind? Is there a way to future-proof my stack? Do we really want to get into the visual media optimization business? 

Perhaps the above scenario is a bit overly dramatic. The fact remains, we now live in a visual economy where the consumer demand for memorable, user-centric experiences is as high as the need for managing and optimizing the images and video these kinds of experiences require.  The good news is, product owners can take a deep breath. There is a solution. One that will solve a variety of problems, not just yours, but your teams, and your customers. 

Fortunately, there’s a single solution that will fill your product gaps and support all key formats, and emerging media (360, 3D, metaverse), with no heavy lift. The solution is the Cloudinary Embedded Media Experiences (EMX). 

Cloudinary EMX makes it easy to embed intelligent image and video capabilities within a technology platform. The EMX program is for businesses and partners who want to enhance their product or service with Cloudinary’s rich visual media capabilities. 

EMX is the ideal solution for companies that house third-party assets they don’t own or have rights to. Those who prefer to buy instead of build media capabilities to enhance their feature set for managing, optimizing, and delivering assets will also find the offering helpful.

Cloudinary EMX includes:

  • Robust APIs for visual media. Get access to Cloudinary’s powerful image and video APIs for editing, hosting, and global content distribution for websites and apps.
  • Flexible architecture. Build your own Digital Asset Management (DAM) experience on top of Cloudinary’s Headless DAM.

The benefits from embedding Cloudinary’s industry-leading image and video capabilities directly into your platform are immense.

A quick win

Add immediate value to your service that opens new opportunities to increase the service base price or offer new paid add-ons.

Improve acquisition and retention rates 

By ensuring you have a competitive feature set that attracts new customers and creates more satisfaction and loyalty among existing customers.

Optimizations that reduce engineering overhead

Fill image and video optimization product gaps without having to develop and maintain rich media expertise on the product and engineering teams.

Improve suboptimal end-user experiences 

No more missing or mediocre features for delivering visual experiences.

Future-proof your platform 

Media solutions through Cloudinary’s continuous innovation supports emerging formats and new media types ensuring the most modern visual experiences available.

There are an array of capabilities that fall into six key use cases. These capabilities can be mixed and matched to suit your individual needs. It’s easy to embed these capabilities via our media widgets and/or APIs/SDKs. (Most developers have integrated EMX quickly.)

This chart shows some common use cases:

See more in our EMX Brochure

To remain competitive in today’s visual economy requires platforms that provide access to best-of-breed image and video capabilities. By embedding Cloudinary’s leading edge capabilities, you’ll improve your customer acquisition and retention numbers.  

Get started quickly without a significant lift or investment. Cloudinary’s modern platform will scale easily as you grow and your experiences evolve.  

For details on how Cloudinary EMX can help, contact us today.

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