Expand Your Solution’s Rich Media Capabilities

Buy rather than build to accelerate the delivery and monetization of industry-leading image and video
optimization capabilities.

Benefits of embedding media
capabilities from Cloudinary

Expand your feature set

Extend what your service can do by embedding Cloudinary’s image and video capabilities directly into your platform.

Future proof your media capabilities

Cloudinary is continuously innovating to support emerging formats and new media types eliminating the need to develop or maintain expertise across product and engineering teams.

Create monetization opportunities

Add more value to your service to increase your base price or offer new paid add-ons.

Improve acquisition and retention

Increase ARR with a competitive feature set that attracts new customers and ensures renewals.

Embed intelligent image and video capabilities

Add value, create new revenue opportunities, and build customer loyalty.

Performance Optimization

Media optimization to accelerate
web and app performance.


Media transformations enabling
on-demand personalized product

Content Velocity

Media asset lifecycle automation
that speeds time to market.


Specialized tools to fine-tune
videos efficiently for increased

Headless DAM

Harmonized digital assets within
applications and across experiences.

Immersive Experiences

Cutting-edge media for life-like
experiences to improve conversions
and reduce returns.

Leading technology service providers offer their customers embedded rich media capabilities from Cloudinary.

Embedded media resources

Visual media use cases and capabilities that EMX delivers

Cloudinary EMX: Your Shortcut to Revenue and Retention

See the five steps to successfully embed Cloudinary features into your service

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