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Cloudinary Teams Up With Visionular to Support the New High Performance, Low Bitrate, Royalty-Free AV1 Video Codec

Cloudinary Teams Up With Visionular to Support AV1 Video Codec

Whether it’s for broadcast-quality live streaming, on-demand viewing, or interactive real-time communications, video is taking on growing prominence online. Through our recently announced Cloudinary Labs, we aim to stay in front of the latest developments and trends that help brands offer unbeatable experiences to their site visitors.

That’s why today we’ve announced a new partnership with Visionular, the next generation video encoding and image processing technology software company. Read our full press release here.

Through this partnership we’re extending our support for video format and codecs. Specifically, we’re adding full support for the next-gen video codec AV1, and also its associated image format AVIF. This ensures that videos and images using these formats will display optimally on whichever devices or browsers that users view your site through.

The Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), a consortium founded in 2015 conceived AV1 as an open, state-of-the-art, royalty-free video codec specifically for video transmissions over the Internet. The standard’s adoption has taken off in recent years thanks to ongoing technology improvements, broad hardware support, and the emergence of third-party AV1 codecs such as Visionular’s.

The advantage of AV1 is simple: exceptional visual quality with much higher compression (bitrate savings of up to 50%) than legacy formats like HEVC and H.264. For brands that serve up video at scale, moving to AV1 has the potential to save you big in bandwidth, costs, and potentially your carbon footprint.

For more information about Visionular and AV1 listen to our recent conversation with Visionular Co-founder and President Zoe Liu on our podcast MX Matters.

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