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Introducing Boomerang Video Effect with Cloudinary

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When you see the term boomerang, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Boomerang

A thrown tool made of wood that returns to its thrower? Another definition is reversal, logically portraying the aim of the tool itself. Based on this definition, the term “boomerang videos” came into play to depict videos that loop back and forth.

Boomerang videos have become popular since a few years ago as videos make up a large portion of communications on social media. Little wonder that Instagram moved fast in 2016 to integrate this feature into its app. Indisputably, motion graphics are leading the trend for online chats, leading to a significant increase in GIFs and boomerang videos.

Boomerang videos are fun and appealing, , especially for advertisers, because they keep you glued for a few more seconds—ample time in which to spotlight the core capabilities of the products in question. A good example is the showcase of Microsoft’s Surface Book laptop on Instagram. Short, simple, and concise advertisements like that never fail to catch attention.

Boomerang videos are also in popular use for memes, which are usually in the form of humorous images, videos, or text. Those videos are nothing new, however. Many high-profile videos, such as Jidenna’s Boomerang, have adopted this format for a while

With Cloudinary’s e-boomerang capability, which enables videos to reverse themselves, you can add effects and transformations to the media stored on your console. Adding the effect doubles the length of the video, whose second half shows the reverse of the first half.

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Since boomerang videos are supposed to be brief, Cloudinary’s eo_# effect reduces the video length. The eo_ effect is an existing feature. For example, to trim your video to 3 seconds, add the eo_3 effect. Afterwards, by adding Cloudinary’s chained transformations to the e-boomerang effect, you generate a video length of 6 seconds. That’s because Cloudinary has selected the first 3 seconds from the original video and another 3 seconds from the reversed version of the selected clip.

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Another interesting characteristic of boomerang videos is their repetitions. To keep a boomerang video looping, add the e_loop effect along with the eo_3.

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Even though you might not know their proper name, you must have seen boomerang videos before. However, despite the fact that such videos have been around for years, creating them is no cakewalk for many web developers. Enter Cloudinary. Thanks to its intuitive video manipulation techniques with e_boomerang, creating boomerang videos on Cloudinary is a seamless, simple process.

Do try it out: Create a Cloudinary account first and then upload videos and add awesome effects and transformations. Problems? Thoughts? Describe them in the Comments section . We welcome your feedback.

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