Video loop

Video loop definition

Video loops are a fun way to add life to your website. Not all videos need to be played once, such as banner ads. With video loops, you can boost customer engagement or keep them informed. They also work great on social media to catch the attention of potential new users.

What Is a Video Loop?

A video loop is a video that plays over and over again. Video loops are used on websites to add life, energy, and movement to the page. They’re also called infinite videos because they can’t be stopped or paused, so they keep playing until you leave.

Looping videos are fairly common for trade shows, waiting rooms, advertisements, and many more applications. It’s simple to set up for most video players and can even be done on the web. They can be used for anything from a simple background to a full-screen video. Video loops are easy to create and are great for showcasing your brand.

Video loop

What Is the Video Loop Attribute in HTML5?

The video loop attribute creates a video that repeats until you stop it. This can be useful if you want a video to play in the background while your user is doing something else on your website, such as reading an article or watching another video.

The attribute works on all modern browsers. You can use this attribute with any HTML5 media element – as long as you add it to a video element, it’ll work.

Cloudinary and Video Loops

If you want more control over the videos on your site, HTML5 alone won’t cut it. What you should be using is a platform that can help you dynamically adjust your media to your needs. And that’s exactly where Cloudinary comes in.

Cloudinary provides a powerful video manipulation feature that allows you to create various video effects, including the video loop effect. You can get started with a free Cloudinary account and explore a massive range of options to take your videos to the next level. Sign up for free today!

Last updated: May 25, 2023