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Making Digital Media an Integral Part of Your Composable Stack With Uniform and Cloudinary

To succeed in today’s hypercompetitive market, brands must deliver engaging, personalized, and performant digital experiences. Creating them requires tools that are, however, constantly evolving. To put in place a flexible, scalable, and collaborative workflow for building experiences, brands must adopt composable solutions—notably headless, API-first services, including content management systems (CMSs), commerce, and digital asset management (DAM). Additionally, brands face intense pressure to tell compelling stories through images in order to connect with audiences and help sell products across channels and devices at lightning-fast speed. 

Addressing those dual challenges requires a way in which to efficiently generate visual-rich content and deliver it everywhere, starting with a composable architecture where DAM can sit front and center. 

As a trusted tool for brands to perfect the DAM task through intelligent automation, Cloudinary needed an approach in which to orchestrate our capabilities within enterprise-wide, composable architectures. Our newest integration partner, Uniform, is a market leader in an innovative category called digital experience composition (DXCP), which enables business users to build and manage digital experiences using composable systems. Uniform DXCP performs two crucial tasks:

  • Empowers marketers and business users to quickly and easily build media-rich experiences on one interface in a low-code or no-code environment. 
  • Enables the incremental adoption of composable technology, even for brands dependent on legacy systems, through prebuilt connectors to CMSs, customer data platforms (CDP), analytics systems, commerce platforms, DAMs, etc.

The result is the transformation of a composable architecture from being complicated, tech-heavy, and developer-centric to one that serves marketers and business users equally well. Brands that adopt DXCP gain many benefits, including the opportunity to create a commerce stacks with best-of-need, composable tools; a more efficient workflow; and empowerment of marketers and business users to build experiences to keep up with constantly-changing consumer demands.   

As partners, Cloudinary and Uniform are dedicated to helping business users and developers deliver cutting-edge omnichannel experiences that promise to convert prospects and bolster sales. A key task is to reinforce experiences with rich media assets and personalization without negatively impacting site performance. 

As a headless, composable tool, Cloudinary’s DAM is ideal for Uniform DXCP’s orchestration approach. Through our integration with Uniform, brands can access their Cloudinary media library while composing pages and experiences through Uniform DXCP, accelerating and simplifying the process of connecting images to front-end components. In consequence, Cloudinary complements composable architectures, underscoring the power of DAM and the importance of visual media for building next-gen digital experiences.

Cloudinary and Uniform will continue to collaborate to enhance the advantages of incorporating DAM into well-orchestrated composable architectures and to explore other synergies that could benefit our shared customers. 

For more information about the Uniform-Cloudinary integration, see the related Uniform documentation, and this video

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