About ImageCon

If you joined us during our live week of ImageCon 2020: A Digital Experience — thank you! We hope you enjoyed the sessions, were able to engage with our speakers, and walked away inspired with new ideas and best practices.

If we missed you or if you missed a session or two, we are pleased to deliver our ImageCon content on-demand. Learn from digital media experts from within and outside Cloudinary, all offering practical tips and advice on how to make the best of your media assets. All sessions are viewable here.

ImageCon Sessions

Welcome to ImageCon 2020: A Digital Experience


Itai Lahan, Cloudinary CEO

Cloudinary CEO, Itai Lahan, welcomes you to our 4th ImageCon and provides an overview of the event.

The Role Video Is Playing in the Next Generation of Visual Experiences


Alex Wack, Product Manager at Finalsite
Beckley Mason, Executive Director, Playmaker at Bleacher Report
Moderator: Sanjay Sarathy, VP Marketing at Cloudinary

It’s no surprise: Video is rapidly being used across every industry. This interactive session with two market leaders will dive into practical tips and approaches and explore some trends with this exciting medium. Followed by Q&A.

Personalized, Immersive Visual Storytelling


Charles Duncan, Technical Project Manager at Disney
Moderator: Graham Allan

When we shape pixels in realtime we unlock the key to personalization. When we harmonize the build process between our Creative and Product teams, we enable creative agility. Learn how moving the actual rendering of a pixel downstream, from creation towards consumption, drives new levels of collaboration, personalization, and stylistic time to market.

Lessons Learned from Building Next-Generation Customer Experiences


Ramakrishnan Annaswamy, Director Architecture, Digital Experiences at The Children's Place
Chang Li, Publicis Sapient
Moderator: Scott Doughman, VP Business Development at Cloudinary

Retail and e-Commerce brands have a unique opportunity to redefine the online customer experience. This session will highlight one brand’s journey in leveraging digital media to enhance collaboration across creative and content teams, revamp how media assets are optimally delivered, and how AI-driven assets are leveraged to provide customized moments for users. Followed by Q&A.

Life of an Asset – DAM Workshop


Alok Shah, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cloudinary
Liat Perlmutter, Senior Product Manager at Cloudinary

During a typical lifecycle in today’s agile publishing world, assets flow back and forth through creative, marketing, and development teams before they are served to customers. The challenge for teams that have not adopted a common DAM platform is that they deal with constant inefficiencies that multiply fast at scale. So how do you resolve this? Join us as we demonstrate how you can create a single source of truth for all your media assets across the entire organization – enabling all the teams that work with assets – and across the entire asset lifecycle.

The Evolution of Creative Operations and Services


Andreas Michalski, CEO CI-HUB
Frédéric Sanuy, CEO Activo Consulting
Max Dunn, CEO Silicon Publishing
Moderator: Gary Ballabio, Head of Technology Alliances, Cloudinary

Discuss how Creative Operations has evolved and the opportunities it presents to creatives, content managers and others in the future. We’ll cover the convergence of various design systems and tools, the importance of connecting these systems together and how creation is going beyond the needs of designers as an area of focus for developers as well.

Introducing the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Add-on


Gary Ballabio, Head of Technology Partnerships at Cloudinary
Morgan Gurfinkel, Senior Product Manager at Adobe

In this session, we will introduce Cloudinary’s newest add-on, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. We will be joined by Adobe to walk the audience through the new capabilities offered with Cloudinary. This is an exciting update and one you won’t want to miss!

Video Killed My Data Plan – Delivering Video That Doesn’t Break the Web


Doug Sillars, Freelance Developer Advocate

Video files have been shown to increase engagement and can be a great way to deliver your message quickly. (And who doesn’t love animated GIFs?). However, video that takes a long time to start up leads to frustration and abandonment. The same goes for video that stalls during playback. In this talk, you will learn best practices to optimize the delivery of videos to your customers, ensuring fast delivery and minimizing stalls for a great visual experience.

Handling Media at Scale Using Automation and AI


Jackie Rosenzveig, Technical Content Team Leader at Cloudinary
Yaron Reichert, Director of Product at Cloudinary

Digital media is booming all over the world, across every medium and format. So how do you manage and automate all of this rich media effectively? This session will dive into how to automate media handling tasks using AI with Cloudinary.

Maximize Your Cloudinary Use – Tips, Tricks and Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Cloudinary Features


Marissa Masangcay, Technical Marketing Specialist at Cloudinary
Sam Brace, Director of Customer Education at Cloudinary

One main reason people use Cloudinary is to leverage its capabilities for transforming digital assets, such as images and videos. Whether for optimization or aesthetics, it’s easy and fast to manipulate digital media for your web or mobile projects using Cloudinary. Our team will show you how to make the most of your account’s features, so you use its available storage, bandwidth and transformations to their full capability. By the end of this workshop, you should know how to maximize your available functionality to keep your website, mobile app or other project performing at its best.

A.I. for Efficient Visual Content Moderation at Scale


Georgi Kadrev, CEO Imagga Technologies

With the exponential growth of user-generated content comes the equal demand for reassuring the trust and safety of this type of content. Allowing inappropriate content to live in your platform holds the risk of ruining your brand reputation, exposing vulnerable user groups to potential mental and emotional damage, and last but not least – causing compliance and legislation issues. In this talk, we share our approach toward ensuring an engaging and safe experience by using machine learning both as an initial filter of the content and as an ongoing process where initial models are perpetually improved by manual moderation feedback.

Leveraging Cloudinary for Progressive Enhancement


Ire Aderinokun, COO & VP Engineering BuyCoins

Cloudinary and other JAMstack tools have enabled developers to do so much more than we could have previously done by ourselves. In this talk, Ire Aderinokun, COO & VP Engineering at BuyCoins will show how tools like Cloudinary, Puppeteer, and Cloudflare can be leveraged to create what she call “live images.” These images are screenshots of CanIUse compatibility tables, allowing her company to have static images of dynamic content and deliver engaging experiences for end users.

2020 State of Visual Media Report – Insights on Making Your Experiences as Powerful as Your Vision


Jason Khoury, Head of Corporate Marketing at Cloudinary

Understanding how visual stories are consumed is essential to ensuring brands deliver experiences that engage and inspire audiences—around the world and on every platform and device. Join this session on this year’s State of Visual Media report for a discussion on bridging the experience gaps and learn how to optimize your visual content to build better engagement opportunities.

Microbrowser Crash Course – Microbrowsers Are Everywhere. How you can take advantage of it?


Eric Portis, Web Platform Advocate at Cloudinary

There’s no question microbrowsers can play a key role in driving traffic to sites, but do you know how to get the maximum impact out of them? In this session, learn how to boost engagement so links don’t fall flat, how to track it for better analysis, and other tips and tricks for the ultimate user experience.

Download the State of Visual Media Report

Cloudinary for e-Commerce – Bringing Virtual Shops to Life


Naveen Prasanna, Director of Product Management at Cloudinary
Ariel Shiran, Sr. Director of Product at Cloudinary

Digital media is front and center for a successful e-Commerce strategy. So many teams are responsible for rich media before these assets wind up in front of a customer. Cloudinary is used by many iconic brands to manage media through an intricate ecosystem of tech stacks and workflows. Whether your challenge is managing media for large product catalogs or delivering personalized and innovative experiences, Cloudinary has the solutions. In this workshop, we’ll show how your teams can manage media at scale using Cloudinary technologies and integrations with the tools you use.

The Developer’s Guide to Low-Carbon Websites


Tim Benniks, Director of Web-Development Valtech

We can all make a difference. In this session you will learn how we can make more sustainable choices in the production of web technology, modern media delivery, and low footprint server architectures.

Using Cloudinary as Part of Your Toolchain to Unlock the Power of Your Team


David Fonnegra, Director of Technology Matter Supply Co

Discover how the Pan-American digital agency Matter Supply is using GraphQL federation to take full advantage of Cloudinary to develop an ecosystem that allows them to build fast and beautiful digital experiences for their clients. During this session, you’ll hear about the challenges that inspired their GraphQL based framework, GraphMatter, and how adding the power of Cloudinary, especially in this economy, lets them move quickly to meet their clients’ rapidly evolving needs.