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Digital Wave’s AI-Powered Omni Experience Platform accelerates omnichannel growth & direct-to-consumer sales, marketing, & merchandising for brands & retailers.

Digital Wave Technology + Cloudinary

Digital Wave is the single source of truth for all product content with a workflow and UI for users to upload, access, search, and use media assets in Cloudinary.

Cloudinary and Digital Wave offer best-in-breed solutions for retailers and consumer brands seeking an end-to-end solution to support their entire organization. Together, Cloudinary and Digital Wave have helped customers increase product assortments, expand digital channels, reduce inventory on hand, reduce returns, drive conversions, making a positive impact on our customers’ bottom line.

The Cloudinary-Digital Wave connector was initially developed at a $7B joint customer, where together, we power 19 systems, supporting countless business processes. Together, we’ve successfully sold and implemented at several customers since then.

Merchants, marketers, and digital teams use this powerful duo to enrich product content and media assets and to develop compelling product stories that are formatted, optimized, and refreshed for each channel.

Cloudinary and Digital Wave deliver value for companies at any stage of digital maturity. Both platforms are future proof, enable self-service, and are constantly deploying the most advanced capabilities in our respective areas. We both have a track record of unparalleled service with very happy joint customers!

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Digital Wave Technology’s AI-Powered Omni Experience Platform eclipses everything else on the market by employing automation and artificial intelligence (AI), including generative and other types of AI, to accelerate omnichannel growth and direct-to-consumer sales, marketing, and merchandising for brands and retailers. Digital Wave unifies the entire product journey, from product inception, product information management (PIM) to planning, pricing, and markdown solutions.

Digital Wave’s solutions are available standalone or as a package. Digital Wave’s AI, called Maestro, can sit on top of any PIM, MDM, or ecommerce platform to handle laborious, repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more with less.

Digital Wave’s “ONE” Omni-Experience Platform, built as a MACH (Micro-services, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture on a unified analytical data store, delivers incredible results! Rapidly improved speed to market, conversions, sales, and margins all while making the lives of merchants & marketers easier & more efficient!


North America, Europe, APAC, Japan & India, South America, Middle East


Next-Generation Product Information Management: From Spreadsheets to AI

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Next-Generation Product Information Management: From Spreadsheets to AI

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