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Mobius Labs

Mobius Labs is an AI computer vision developer, providing highly customizable, granular and fast metadata solutions.

Mobius Labs + Cloudinary

Mobius Labs, a developer of next-generation AI-powered metadata technology, entered a technology partnership with Cloudinary, the media experience cloud that powers many of the world’s top brands. Through this integration, Cloudinary DAM users will be able to leverage the unique capabilities of Mobius AI search, discovery and metadata enrichment capabilities.

Mobius Labs’ AI-powered solutions enable ultra-fast image and video content analysis and creation of descriptive metadata. Through this new partnership, brands and content owners will have access to an intuitive set of features to help them search for, discover and analyze visual assets, and it will enable them to completely re-index their libraries without the need to return to original content.

The combination of Cloudinary’s end-to-end image- and video-management solution with Mobius Labs’ AI-powered metadata technology will enable content owners to intelligently search archive assets using natural language customizable tags and facial recognition based on expressions.


Mobius Labs is a Berlin-based company that has developed a novel range of AI-powered computer vision technologies that are disrupting the norms across many different industries. Using the company’s software, new levels of customization can be generated by end-users without the need for any prior AI knowledge bringing true democratization of advanced AI services. The software can be run on-premises, on edge devices or in the cloud requiring minimal processing power and storage. Delivered as an SDK, the technology ensures that data is kept private at all times.


North America, Europe, APAC, Japan & India, South America, Middle East

Tag your assets with relevant metadata

Here are example tags that Mobius Labs can generate, along with a confidence score. These tags can be added to Cloudinary’s metadata.

Train your data in Mobius Labs to identify and tag assets

Here is screenshot showing Mobius Labs’ software where you can easily train data to be able to identify and tag assets in an image or video.

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