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Storyblok was conceived as a Headless CMS for developers and content creators, born from extensive real-life, real-world experience.

Storyblok + Cloudinary

Within the current iteration of the Cloudinary integration, you can replace Storyblok’s internal asset manager with the Cloudinary DAM, a powerful asset manager with a vast array of capabilities. Once you add the integration to Storyblok and start pulling in your assets, your digital landscape multiplies. You can edit, transform, manipulate, and apply tags to your assets to ensure that they are being used as intended.

Future plans for the integration include:

  • Global settings for your assets: Soon, you’ll be able to select multiple pieces of content and change their settings collectively.
  • Manage your Metadata: A new feature update is the ability to control, manage, and edit your content metadata. Content and assets will be indexed so that they are easier to find in search results when you look for them.
  • Focal Point Tracking: Cloudinary’s revolutionary focal tracking allows you to set a focal point on your images and video for better AI manipulation.


By integrating Storyblok, merchants with zero technical skills can now easily manage their content and fulfill omni channel strategies. Storyblok with their friendly interface and real-time visual editor, enables the best user experience. In addtion, Storyblok provides its customers with integrations, add-ons, and plug-ins to its API-driven CMS that can extend functionalities, increase the value, and form a best-of-breed future-proof platform designed to fit any users need. Storyblok as an open API-driven architecture enables developer flexibility and productivity, improved user experience, and, most importantly, the ability to integrate their CMS with other API-led technologies.

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Easily install Cloudinary within Storyblok and see how you can utilize Cloudinary’s capabilities and metadata


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