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Syndigo + Cloudinary

Our partnership combines Syndigo’s market-leading product information management capabilities with Cloudinary’s superior media experience management. The partnership will help solve two of the biggest challenges businesses have when scaling up their product content:

1) How to manage technical and descriptive product data, including measurements, ingredients, brand names, and product extensions across complex and often disconnected systems; and
2) How to manage and deliver creative and visually compelling rich media that supports the product or overall company brand, across channels, at scale.

These challenges have traditionally been managed with independent systems, leading to additional manual work and coordination.

Together, Syndigo’s PIM and Cloudinary’s DAM solutions offer a better, more connected end-user experience for creative, marketing, and development teams, maximizing the total value of product information and visual assets, to deliver a better end-user experience. Mutual clients will increase conversions, reduce time to market, and gain a competitive edge. The partnership builds on the global experience of both firms, initially focusing on clients in North America.

Across the eCommerce information supply chain, Cloudinary and Syndigo will deliver better, richer, and more engaging visual content, connected to core product information, for an integrated and connected solution that drives sales.


Drive greater value from your information investments

As the industry’s first Active Content Engine, Syndigo provides continuous optimization that helps clients win at every shelf; control all content and data flows at every point; and leverage the largest global two-sided network to harness today’s exponential data growth. Offering solutions in MDM, PIM, content syndication, enhancement and optimization, Syndigo provides exactly what you need to manage content that improves consistency, reduces risk, and drives sales, with no trade-offs in quality or control.

Managing internal and external information puts immense pressure on technology to keep pace. Fragmented and independent systems can result in cascading problems that are costly and time-consuming to fix. With Syndigo, you have a comprehensive solution that connects product, customer, and location domains to organizational data, plus added syndication and analytics capabilities for a comprehensive and connected solution that allows you to holistically manage your business beyond product and commerce.

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