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Uniform DXCP accelerates time to value for composable architectures, lowers development cost, and makes it easy for business users to build digital experiences.

Uniform + Cloudinary

The new Cloudinary-Uniform integration adds orchestration capabilities to the process of managing assets in composable architectures.


Uniform digital experience composition platform (DXCP) takes composable architectures mainstream. With Uniform Mesh’s prebuilt integrations, developers can create a composable stack fast without having to build custom integration code. Besides facilitating implementation, those integrations also make the stack much more adaptable as your business needs evolve.

Uniform Canvas offers business users a consistent interface in which to access composable and legacy data, as well as the presentation layer, to quickly build seamless, multichannel digital experiences with no need for developer support.

Uniform's Tim Benniks shows you how to add the integration and how to use it in various ways.

This video shows how you can add Cloudinary to Uniform and ways to use it.


Uniform's Cloudinary Integration Documentation

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Cobham Satcom Uniform Case Study

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