Cloudinary Partner Network

Partner Overview

Altis is an open source digital experience platform built on WordPress, and backed by 10+ yearsof globally recognised engineering excellence building solutions for enterprises and leadingbrands. Altis provides an integrated and interoperable solution to manage and deliver digitalexperiences, keeping you agile in a competitive landscape and making it easy for you toembrace innovation.

Partner’s services include:

  • Managed WordPress hosting for enterprise
  • Web content management
  • Personalization
  • Native analytics
  • Content experimentation
  • Developer experience
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Professional WordPress development services

Altis’ clients include Red Bull Media House, Snopes, Concentra (orgvue)

Why Altis

We deliver technically complex WordPress instances at scale and transform the way people interact withsome of the most highly visited websites in the world. We have extensive experience consulting for, andimplementing, large WordPress projects for Fortune 500 companies and market leaders in media,publishing, and finance.

Our collection of services represents the breadth of our experience; our projects are at the forefront ofenterprise-level development; and our people are some of the most highly-skilled professionals in theindustry.

Altis + Cloudinary

Altis provides an extensible framework that our service partners have years of experience integrating external services into, including Cloudinary. Cloudinary can be used with Altis as both the source of images within the CMS module that editorial teams can choose from, as well as the delivery service taking advantage of its powerful on-demand image processing features. Examples are in our ‘WordPress in the newsroom’ white paper:

  • Address: Human Made Limited, 81 Dale Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3LU, United Kingdom
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: South America, Europe, Middle East, APAC, Japan & India