Cloudinary Partner Network

Partner Overview

Intershop is the leading independent provider of innovative and powerful packaged software for internet sales. Intershop offers high-performance packaged software for internet sales, complemented by all necessary services. Intershop also acts as a business process outsourcing provider, covering all aspects of online retailing up to fulfillment.

The Intershop Commerce Suite is the most comprehensive answer to the challenges of the constantly changing omni-channel commerce market. More than just an e-commerce system, Intershop Commerce Suite is an all-in-one marketplace, communications center, and marketing engine comprising PIM, WCM, OMS, and many other modules.

Intershop services include:

  • Strategic digital consulting
  • Professional services
  • Full-service commerce
  • Training
  • Support

Intershop has more than 300 enterprise customers, including HP, BMW, Würth, and Deutsche Telekom run Intershop solutions. The company is headquartered in Jena, Germany, and has offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, and China.

Intershop Communications AG + Cloudinary

Intershop offers enhanced digital asset management based on Cloudinary’s products and services.

  • Address: Intershop Communications AG, Intershop Tower, 07740 Jena, Germany
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: Europe, APAC, Japan & India