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Partner Overview

Patterson Agency is a creative & IT agency that combines strategy, creativity and technology to assist in business projects. The agency offers a 360 service in all business areas, with the objective of being the best partner for its clients: communication, creativity, IT development, positioning, and performance. Patterson Agency works with its clients to create a long-term relationship of trust; to be a partner rather than a supplier. The company aims to build dynamic and fluid relationships based on mutual trust; relationships that facilitate an optimal project execution. Patterson Agency standards are high, and every project goes through the hardest criticism: our own. No project is presented if the agency is not fully convinced that it is the best option. The team is creative, innovative, daring, and professional.

Patterson Agency’s services include:

  • Digital strategy
  • Development front (Angular, Vue.js, Nuxt, CSS+HTML) and back (.NET, Java)
  • User experience UX
  • Performance optimization,
  • Web design and UI interfaces
  • Brand strategy
  • eCommerce
  • Community and content management
  • Audiovisual production
  • Address: Calle de Santa Rita, 9 07014 Palma de Mallorca España
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: Europe