Cloudinary Partner Network

Partner Overview

XNGAGE is a digital services firm focused on delivering B2B commerce success for leading manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Its team of B2B commerce experts fuses digital strategy with execution, delivers innovation, and promotes cloud adoption to help transform our clients’ digital ecosystem with the goal to create differentiating and relevant buyer and seller interactions in the connected digital world to maximize business impact.

XNGAGE services include:

  • Digital strategy
  • Solution delivery
  • Create innovative digital products
  • Custom software development

XNGAGE crafts unique solutions drawing on a rich portfolio of services and capabilities including commerce experience design, enterprise architecture, ERP integration, product information management (PIM), eCommerce implementations, and marketing services to grow its clients’ businesses.

Because XNGAGE understand the complexities of B2B purchasing and selling scenarios and speak its clients’ language from the start of their partnership, the company has earned the trust of many clients who have chosen to rely on their capabilities to execute their digital initiatives with success. XNGAGE’s deep knowledge of the digital commerce space, paired with its integrated offering of digital services specifically focused on B2B, make them the premier champion for its clients’ cross-functional, digital initiatives. In partnering with industry leading B2B eCommerce and PIM vendors, XNGAGE deliver best-in class eCommerce solutions allowing clients’ customers to research, transact, and self-serve in the digital age.

XNGAGE + Cloudinary

XNGAGE has integrated Cloudinary to function as the DAM system for all asset management and leveraged Cloudinary APIs to create seamless workflows for product image handling, including uploading of images to Cloudinary and serving up responsive images during delivery by generating image transformations on the fly. XNGAGE also leverages the powerful Cloudinary image rendering and manipulation capabilities to realize product configurations and dynamically render images based on use selections.

  • Address: 16900 Bagley Road, Cleveland, OH 44130
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: North America