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Cloudinary Integration with Shopify

Tap into the power of Cloudinary Programmable Media directly within Shopify,
the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business.

With an easy to implement app, merchants can streamline visual
media management, automate image and video optimization, and access
advanced capabilities to engage shoppers, improve conversions and
compete in today’s visual economy.

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Shopify enhanced by Cloudinary

Simplified media management

  • One-click upload of images, videos and metadata into Cloudinary
  • Automatic creation of asset variants from one high-resolution original
  • Easy publishing across all customer touch points and stores
  • No extra file copies, extra uploads or extra steps to edit and republish

Intelligent media optimization

  • Deliver the best file format at the smallest size and highest quality based on browser and device
  • Compress videos up to 77% for quick playback, seamless seeking, and no buffering*
  • Eliminate tedious development and free teams up for higher value work
*Results from a head-to-head comparison using Catchpoint, an industry leader in digital experience observability

Enhanced editing tools

  • Resize, crop and transcode using content-aware AI for any design
  • Create no-code custom product galleries
  • Automate asset responsiveness for screen type and orientation

How it works

Easily connect your Shopify store with the Cloudinary media library to sync your product images, videos and metadata with a single click. This union creates a single source of truth for all your product media and helps you serve an optimized shopping experience for each user.

Plus, automatically share the code snippets needed to integrate Cloudinary with your liquid templates and unlock advanced features like the no-code customizable product gallery.

Key benefits

Workflows that bring experiences to market fast

Create once and publish media across customer touch points and stores– no extra copies or uploads and easy editing and republishing with intelligent automation.

Intelligent media optimization that boosts page performance

Improve performance of product detail pages and collections with automatic delivery of best file format, smallest size and highest quality based on browser and device.

Support for modern file types that future proof your investment

Ensured support for emerging image formats including AVIF; video codecs including VP9 and HEVC; and video formats such as WebM.

Automation that eliminates mundane developer tasks

Automatic editing tools, no-code product galleries and auto-responsiveness removes burden from developers and frees them for higher value.

Better Together: Cloudinary + Shopify brochure

Learn more about optimizing your Shopify store for today’s visual economy.

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