Salesforce Commerce Cloud enhanced by Cloudinary

Whether you choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud traditional or headless storefront architecture, Cloudinary’s pre-built integrations deliver fast, scalable commerce experiences your way.

Salesforce - Cloudinary
Easy Asset
Cloudinary Product Catalog Syncing With Metadata

Easy Asset Management
and Use

  • Centralized visual media hub to store all images and videos
  • Easy collaboration across ecommerce, merchandising, creative, and marketing teams
  • Seamless orchestration of hundreds of thousands of images and videos for product and content catalogs
  • Easily edit and retouch assets to use in Page Designer, popular CMS solutions and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Increase Conversions, Reduce Returns, Improve Core Web Vitals

Increase Conversions
Optimized Image and Video File Sizes By More Than 50%
Compatible with
Easily Integrate Cloudinary Widgets Into Traditional or Headless Storefronts

Compatible With All Salesforce Commerce Cloud Architectures

  • Pre-built UI components for headless storefronts and templates for traditional storefronts
  • Integrations with leading CMS solutions for marketing and editorial content
  • APIs to work with the rest of your tech stack and internal tools

How the Cloudinary Integration Works

  • Install the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge and necessary configurations
  • Setup structured metadata in Cloudinary
  • Create products in Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Upload media to Cloudinary
  • Add product related metadata to assets in Cloudinary
  • Modify your storefront templates using examples provided in the cartridge
  • If using the Composable Storefront, integrate Cloudinary front end components into the Salesforce Composable Storefront and deploy the headless storefront

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Brochure

Create, manage and deliver dynamic visual experiences.


Cloudinary Video API Brochure

Leverage powerful out of the box video capabilities on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront and apps.


Key Benefits

Seamless Image and Video Management

Streamline workflows and easily reuse content for any channel by centralizing all images and videos for product and content catalogs and marketing uses in one central repository.


Accelerate page performance through AI-powered automation that reduces image and video file sizes by up to 50% while maintaining visual fidelity and improving SEO.

Immersive Experiences Out-of-the-Box

Create next-gen commerce experiences with pre-built integrations that deliver modern, low-code product galleries with images, videos, and support for 360° views and 3D.

Speed to Market

Easily drop new images and videos on PLPs, PDPs category pages and landing pages with prebuilt UI components to bring products to market faster.

Video at scale

Deliver high-performing videos for any touch point in minutes with an open infrastructure and URL and AI-based automation, increasing website engagement by up to 80%.


Deliver optimized images and videos across any channel—including mobile, web, app, social media or IoT.

Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly orchestrate the entire image and video workflow that takes you from raw asset to live on all digital channels in minutes, generates new content from existing content, automates repetitive tasks, and more.

Composable and Headless

Composable and headless with pre-built integrations for leading CMS solutions to support marketing functions as well as APIs for the rest of the tech stack.

Integrations with Salesforce


B2C Commerce Cartridge

The certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge enables brands to automate the process of manipulating, optimizing, and delivering videos and images for your entire product catalog.



Page Designer

The Page Designer cartridge provides a drag-and-drop interface to manipulate, optimize, and embed videos and images for building a high performant, responsive, content assets – with clicks, not code.


Brands Powered by Cloudinary and Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

Forrester found that customers can gain 203% ROI on an investment in Cloudinary and 6 month payback.



Cloudinary and Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration Documentation.


Salesforce AppExchange

Learn more about all Cloudinary integrations for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud.


Overview Video

Technical demo that shows how the Cloudinary integration works with Salesforce Commerce Cloud


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