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Building a Live Feed of FIFA World Cup Moments

Widely acclaimed as the world’s biggest sporting event, the World Cup has established itself as the most captivating tournament to look forward to across the globe. Dating back to 1930, when the first World Cup was hosted in Uruguay, it has always engendered numerous moments of excitement, not only for the participating teams but also for the countries they ably represented. Little could anyone have anticipated that a game of 22 able-bodied men running to take possession of a leather ball could become so famous.

This year’s World Cup is, as before, living up to expectations with countless surprising and enthralling moments. In fact, it’s been a rollercoaster of intense emotions as we’ve seen some of the football giant nations kicked out of the tournament.

If you are like me and love to savor some of the memorable moments from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, let me show you a few impressive Cloudinary features for capturing them. As a rule, professionally resizing and merging multiple videos, also adding songs as an overlay, would require access to sophisticated tools and a reasonable level of expertise on how to use them effectively. Not so with Cloudinary, which provisions for end-to-end video-management services geared toward compilation of videos in just a few simple steps without coding. I’ll walk you through them below. Also check out this interactive Twitter Tutorial thread I made!

For easy access to your videos, upload them to Cloudinary and store the public ID of each of the videos.To access a video, type in the browser:*YOUR_CLOUD_NAME*/video/upload/*ID*.mp4

Replace YOUR_CLOUD_NAME and ID with the your cloud name and the video’s public ID on Cloudinary, respectively, as in this example:

In Cloudinary, you can manipulate and thus transform videos directly from the URL by adding the required properties, for example:

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The link above shows that you’ve dynamically resized a video on the fly by configuring its width (w) and height (h) parameters. Did you notice the size of the video, too? Now compare it with that of the original. Cool, right? You’ve changed the video’s default dimension directly from the browser, hassle free.

With Cloudinary, you can easily concatenate two videos by configuring the overlay video parameter l_video: in the URL to show the name of another uploaded video. You can add many videos in the same way but that might be problematic because all of them will be played simultaneously.

To overlay videos and play them sequentially, add the splice flag fl_splice to the URL for concatenation.. Do the following:

Update your link to look like this:*YOUR_CLOUD_NAME*/video/upload/*OVERLAY_TRANSFORMATION_HERE*/*ID*.mp4 …

Replace the OVERLAY_-TRANSFORMATION_HERE variable with the appropriate parameters, for example:


Replace ID with the ID of the video with which you are overlaying. For example, if that video ID is suarez, your URL would look like this:

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You’ve now concatenated video suarez with video bade into a single video.


..*l_video is the video with which you want to overlay.

..* fl_splice tells Cloudinary to concatenate the video, not overlay it. This parameter is crucial for the videos to play successively.

..* w_1.0,h_1.0,fl_relative,c_fill tells Cloudinary to scale the video’s width and height to fit its original dimension. 1.0 stands for 100 percent.

Let’s add one more video with a public ID of messi-100. Your URL would look like this:

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Also in Cloudinary, you can control a video’s audio volume by configuring the volume effect parameter e_volume in the URL. In this tutorial, let’s mute the video completely with e_volume:-100 since we intend to replace the video with ours. Your URL would then look like this::

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Wrapping up, you can overlay your own sound to be played simultaneously with that in the concatenated videos. Simply upload an MP3 file and then configure the l_video: parameter to overlay it, like this:

Loading code examples

Add more videos for a robust collection of memorable 2018 World Cup moments:

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Congratulations! You’ve just built your own FIFA World Cup moments with a customized theme sound.

As shown above, you can easily leverage some of Cloudinary’s awesome video-management features to create wonderful effects. The sky is the limit to what you can achieve.

Do create an account on Cloudinary and check out its documentation for more fabulous features.

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