Manage Digital Assets with a Single Source | Cloudinary

A home for all your digital assets

Organize your assets

Maintain a centralized library of assets organized in folders, subfolders, and collections that can be shared with internal and external teams with access control.

Work with any asset type

Ingest, transform, and distribute images, videos, audio, 3D, PDF, PSD, GIFs, documents, and many more asset types.

Upload assets from multiple sources

Easily add assets from across the web – Google Search, Facebook, Dropbox, and Shutterstock – to your asset library.

Work on any device

Access your assets at any time from anywhere – your computer, tablet, or phone.

Increase the value of assets

Leverage AI for automatic tagging

Consistently tag assets with content-relevant keywords to make them searchable.

Put asset metadata to work

Automatically extract and store embedded metadata and manage structured metadata to make your library search friendly.

Less time searching, more time doing

Find relevant assets through AI-powered search with tags and attributes, including content, type, size, color, format, and location.

Browse instant results, displayed as visual thumbnails, and narrow your search with filters.

Eliminate inefficient handoffs

Enable everyone to work with assets from a central repository, without assets leaving the single source of truth – no more downloading, ad-hoc sharing, or version confusion.

Users can add and manage assets directly from the content management systems they prefer and transform assets in real time, without having to change their workflow.

Creative teams can access the asset library directly from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, without leaving their comfort zone.

Maintain close control on your assets

Manage access rights

Define role-based access for users and collaborate with internal or external stakeholders by sharing with permissions and expiration dates.

Publish assets in ‘restricted’ mode for internal review and sharing, until you’re ready for the world to see your work.

Get performance and usage analytics

Track how your assets are performing by analyzing engagement metrics (views, downloads, shares), and monitor errors.

Manage assets with confidence

Bulk Uploads

Simultaneously upload multiple files of any type and size and in any format.

Upload Presets

Set default actions for all assets uploaded to the library for better administration.

Back up and revisions

Automatically back up your assets and keep multiple copies for disaster recovery.

Seamless data migration

Effortlessly move your entire library at once or move assets on demand.

Scalable infrastructure

Start small or get unlimited storage and automatically scale up or down, as needed.

Secure Storage

Cloudinary encrypts your resources for safe storage and transfers them securely.