Automate your video management workflow and deliver a smooth video streaming experience at scale, regardless of device, resolution or bandwidth constraints.

Video Upload

Easily upload videos at scale from any location

Upload videos from a browser, mobile app, or any application back-end directly to the cloud without building your own infrastructure. Cloudinary offers a secure upload API, an interactive UI for manual uploads, and a customizable upload widget that can be embedded in any application.

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Video Storage

Offload the heavy lifting of storing your videos

Securely store videos in the cloud, with multi-region backup, revision history, and disaster recovery. All the media assets stored in Cloudinary can be browsed and managed using a comprehensive API or a web-based interface.

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Asset Management

Streamline your media management workflow

Effective management of your ever-growing media library requires searching, organizing, and tagging files, controlling access, and monitoring usage and performance. Cloudinary enables you to manage your videos using comprehensive APIs and a management UI with dashboards and automated workflows for improved productivity.

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Video Transcoding and Manipulation

Adapt your videos in real time for viewing across any device

Dynamically transcode videos to any relevant format, optimized for viewing across different platforms and devices. With an easy-to-use API, you can optimize and normalize videos, in real time, and deliver an uninterrupted experience using adaptive bitrate streaming.

Manipulate your videos to match the graphic design and layout of any device, at any resolution, by dynamically resizing, cropping and enhancing them — using powerful URL-based manipulations.

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Video Delivery

Efficiently deliver videos to users across the globe

Leverage multiple Content Delivery Networks — Akamai, Fastly and CloudFront — without having to handle the integration or maintain configuration sync and load balancing. Multiple CDNs, when combined, offer a comprehensive global delivery solution resulting in a fast and reliable experience.

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Video Player

Deliver a seamless experience across all devices

Embed videos into your website or application using a customizable video player. It combines critical functionality in one package: adaptive bitrate streaming, events and analytics, playlist creation, and content recommendation. Integrate the player with all of Cloudinary’s video transformation capabilities.

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Enhance your videos with powerful functionalities

Auto Tagging: Use Google’s Video Intelligence API to automatically tag videos based on the content.

Automatic Transcription: Use Google’s machine learning-based Speech API to generate automatic transcripts and subtitles for your videos.

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Live Streaming

Start streaming in minutes

Connect with your audience in real-time by broadcasting live events from any device and sharing the stream on social channels. The live stream can be recorded and delivered on-demand by leveraging transcoding and manipulation capabilities to make the video suitable for playback on any device.

Live Streaming is currently available in beta.

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