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Take your SAP Commerce Cloud experience to the next level. Deliver highly optimized images and videos across all touchpoints to enhance customer experience, increase conversions, and reduce time-to-market.

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SAP Commerce enhanced by Cloudinary

Cloudinary for SAP Commerce is an extension enabling you to create rich media experiences on your storefront, whether B2B or B2C, without leaving your SAP Commerce Cloud environment. By leveraging Cloudinary’s automatic image and video optimization and transformation capabilities and delivering responsive media through a global content delivery network, you can create, manage, and deliver dynamic visual experiences easily and efficiently.

Immersive product gallery

  • Increase engagement with modern Product Gallery supporting video & spin-sets
  • Improve cross-device user experience with a responsive Product Gallery Widget
  • Increase conversion by showcasing products with customizable widget that supports multiple formats

Advanced video capabilities

  • Efficiently store, search and manage videos
  • Reduce site crashes with support for more than one CDN
  • Drive conversion with embedded video on your website or app including product / category pages

Multi-CDN delivery (including China)

  • Reduce latency by dynamically switching between the best performing CDN based on the geographical location of the end-user
  • Reduce site crashes with support for more than one CDN

Automated optimization and transformation

  • Save time by automating advanced image and video transformations
  • Reduce drop offs with fast loading images and videos on your website/apps

How It Works

With Cloudinary as your visual media management and experience platform, you can harness the power of automation and AI within your existing tech stack to empower your team to deliver a visual shopping experience that is consistent, personalized, and optimized across all the touch points.

See how Cloudinary integrates into various SAP Commerce platform components and the flow of media content.

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Key Benefits

Modular integration compatible with SAP’s latest technology

The extension is compatible with Spartacus and Accelerator, SAP’s client-side storefront that decouples from the SAP Commerce Cloud core, resulting in simpler upgrades.

Create pages using SAP SmartEdit.

Get started fast with an out of the box solution

Reinforced with Cloudinary’s laser-sharp focus on optimizing, managing, and delivering images and videos, the new extension will enable B2C and B2B SAP Commerce Cloud customers to create unique and engaging visual experiences effortlessly.

Easy access for Cloudinary within SAP Commerce Cloud

Fully integrated with SAP Commerce’s back office, the extension lets users familiar with this environment to hit the ground running.

Access our platform within SAP Commerce Cloud from the same browser tab.

Automation capabilities that scale with your business

With Cloudinary’s rich set of APIs, businesses save time and resources by automating workflows to manage images and videos for any platform or device at scale.

Our solutions work behind the scenes, using the latest industry technologies, giving you less to worry about.

Download the Cloudinary for SAP Commerce brochure

Learn more about how the benefits can be adopted for your website.

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SAP customers bring their brands to life online with Cloudinary

Cloudinary is trusted by thousands of retailers (B2C and B2B) and marketplaces. Over a million developers and iconic brands rely on Cloudinary’s solutions to create memorable experiences.

Effortless scaling to manage seasonal spikes

Levi’s wholesalers could not easily visit showrooms, explore new collections, and decide what products they wanted to carry and sell in the coming season.

With Cloudinary, Levi’s successfully developed a virtual showroom that provided interactive product galleries with detailed 360-degree images and videos to showcase the products, making the experience as close to real as possible.

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Reduction in
file size
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Improved agility with
extensibility and automation
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