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No code, automated optimization and delivery for visual media

The fastest websites use Cloudinary for high performance

Automated media optimization for accelerated web performance

Images and videos on your site or app should engage and convert users. Yet these business-critical assets pose significant challenges such as slowing page speed and reducing organic traffic forcing you to choose between quality and performance.

With Cloudinary Media Optimizer, you can have both. You can automatically deliver images and videos in the format and quality suited for each end-user device, browser, and connection speed. All with no code or manual work. Plus you can monitor media performance and control it centrally.

Optimize rich media assets and score well on Core Web Vitals.

Industry-leading image and video performance

Hear from web performance experts

Tim Benniks

Tim Benniks | @timbenniks
NuxtJS Ambassador

“Cloudinary has captured the essence of what every image and video needs and bottled it in Media Optimizer. It has smart defaults but remains highly customizable. Onboarding new developers just got way easier.”

Tim Kadlec

Tim Kadlec | @tkadlec
Performance Engineering Fellow

“Optimizing images and videos shouldn’t be something you have to think about, it should just happen. Cloudinary Media Optimizer makes media optimization a ‘set it and forget it’ process.”

Improve SEO, User Engagement, and Critical Business Metrics

Higher User Engagment

End users enjoy a fast and visually engaging experience. This leads to increased engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty.

SEO & Core Web Vitals Improvements

Improvements in Core Web Vitals such as Largest Contentful Paint and mobile-responsiveness drive up Google search rankings.

Faster Time to Market

Developers don’t have to spend time writing optimization code or manually creating asset variants.

Reduce Bandwidth Cost

Companies use less bandwidth while delivering high quality, automatically optimized experiences to end users.

Learn how to get started with Media Optimizer

Learn from leading studies and experts

Media optimization is crucial for meeting Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics, which will shape page ranks in search results

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Learn how to implement and use Cloudinary Media Optimizer

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Learn from industry expert Tim Kadlec about web performance and Core Web Vitals

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