Interactive Media Editing

Cloudinary's Media Editor is an interactive user interface that offers common editing controls required to create variants for publishing across devices and channels.

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Scale internal operations by reducing dependency on creative teams for simple media-editing tasks.
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Media Editor Widget

You can easily integrate the Media Editor with other systems, such as a CMS or an e-commerce platform, and start editing media without leaving the systems of preference. You can also extend the media-editing capabilities to users of your web or mobile apps.

Integration is simple, requiring only a few lines of code on any web development framework.

Media Editing Workflow

Leverage simple, predefined options to resize, crop, flip, or rotate images to create variants for different use cases in real time, with no dependency on creative resources. You can also customize the predefined options to suit your design needs.

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Easily add image overlays and customize the design by simply selecting the overlay image from your media library, adjusting the size and placement of the overlay, and creating the desired version—without the download-edit-upload drudgery.

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Access your media variants with the desired quality compression and format by either downloading them or getting their delivery URLs with dynamic manipulation parameters.

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Use Cases

Wondering how you can use the Media Editor in your workflow?
Here are a few sample use cases:

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