Manage your Assets, Not Infrastructure

Offload the Heavy Lifting of Data Center Management

Store images, videos and other media assets easily in the cloud, with backup, revision history and disaster recovery.

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Add resources to Cloudinary with just a few lines of code, or fetch existing resources from remote locations.


Integrate with your preferred development language using client-side integration libraries and SDKs.

Achieve Ultimate Performance at Any Scale

Get the reliability of high-performance servers backed by Tier 1 cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3.

Key Features

Management Console

Easily search, browse, and manage your media library using an intuitive web-based management console.

Rest API

Take full control of your assets with a comprehensive API that enables you to access, modify, delete or recover assets.

Data Migration

Effortlessly move your entire media library to Cloudinary at once or move the media assets on demand.

Scalable Infrastructure

Start small or get unlimited storage and automatically scale up or down, as needed.

Flexible Configuration

Store assets in shared, dedicated or private buckets, or use your own S3 bucket.

Backup and Archiving

Use Cloudinary’s durable storage and/or your own S3 bucket to backup and archive assets, with version control.

High Availability

All assets stored on Cloudinary are always available, and backed by our SLA.

Usage Analytics

Get a report on your Cloudinary account usage, including  details about storage and numbers of assets.

Secure Storage

Resources are encrypted for safe storage and transferred over TLS/SSL.