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Last updated: Oct-25-2022

The pages in this guide provide documentation on selected Cloudinary Labs projects.

About Cloudinary Labs

Cloudinary Labs provides a set of tools and applications employing leading-edge media technologies that are in active development by Cloudinary's top researchers and developers. This space enables you to explore and experiment with innovative visual media capabilities, including AI-driven media technologies, next-gen image and video formats, and much more. We invite you to play with and share feedback on these projects.

This page also lists projects that started in Cloudinary Labs and have 'graduated' to be official Cloudinary features thanks to your great improvement suggestions and feedback on their value.

Tools and apps

Active projects

Documentation is available for the following active Cloudinary Labs projects:

AR/3D Viewer and 3D Model Configurator View and interact with 3D models in the browser and see them in augmented reality (AR) using your mobile devices.
Media Inspector browser extension Analyze all media assets on your site, and see in-depth information, including file size, status, any Cloudinary transformations and more.

Graduated projects

These products and features, which were previously available via Cloudinary Labs, have 'graduated' and are now available as features within existing Cloudinary products:

DAM Visual Search (Beta) Enables you to search the assets in your Media Library based on their visual content. Now available in Beta for DAM customers on an Enterprise plan upon request.

The tools and applications offered on Cloudinary Labs are unsupported, pre-production prototypes. They are provided on an “AS IS” basis. While some of them will eventually be added to one or more of the Cloudinary products as fully supported features, the implementation or other elements of their functionality may change significantly. Furthermore, some Cloudinary Labs tools or applications could be temporarily or permanently removed without notice, at Cloudinary's discretion.

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