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cloudControl integration (deprecated)

Last updated: Apr-08-2021

The Cloudinary-cloudControl integration is no longer available.

You might want to search for the functionality you need in the Search Documentation box above or try one of the links below.

Functionality no longer available

These links may help:
  • Documentation Home Page: Scroll through a quick summary of Cloudinary's main features, SDKs, integrations, add‑ons and more. Don't miss the What's New listing for our latest updates.
  • Get Started for Developers: Follow step-by-step instructions for integrating Cloudinary into your existing application code.
  • Cloudinary DAM Overview: Find out what Cloudinary's Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution offers for marketing and creative teams.
  • Cloudinary Integrations: Make use of Cloudinary's media management and optimization capabilities from within leading CMS and E-commerce platforms.
  • Contact Support: Still can't find what you're looking for? Open a support request, and one of our amazing support engineers will be in touch with you.

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