Animated AVIF

Animated AVIF

What is an AVIF?

The AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) file format is a simple image file format that supports animation. After being tested by Netflix in 2020, it was discovered that this file format offers better compression efficiency over the JPEG format and improved detail preservation. The creators of the AVIF format state that it can reduce file size of images by up to 90% and offers better color support over GIFs.

Cloudinary now Supports Animated AVIF in f_auto   

As of January 2023, animated AVIF format is now supported out-of-box within our popular optimization capability – f_auto.

See documentation on animated AVIF

Animated AVIF is currently not supported on all browsers. With our latest release, whenever f_auto is used, you can ensure that the animated AVIF format is automatically selected for browsers that support it, so you get the best possible size compression for animated images. Currently, this feature is available by default to all our new customers. And if you want to get started with Cloudinary and AVIF files, you can sign up for free!

Last updated: May 25, 2023