Image URL

Image URL header

We all know how essential URLs are to navigating the digital world. These strings of text are more than just links to your favorite websites, though – they also manage the pictures and videos you see on those sites too!

What Is an Image URL?

An image URL is a web address that can be used to find an image online. They look and act just like normal URLs, but instead of telling you what page to load, they tell you what image to load. These URLs are then inserted into a webpage, which can interpret the URL and render it as the actual image instead of a link.

Image URL example

How do I get a URL for an image?

Getting the URL for an image is pretty easy, and there are multiple ways to get it:

  • Right-click the image on a webpage and click “Copy Image Link”/”Copy Image Address”
  • Click and drag the image to your browser’s address bar
  • Click “Open Image in new tab” and copy the URL in the address bar

Getting the Most Out of Image URLs with Cloudinary

Image URLs are a common part of the internet today, and most users probably don’t think twice about them in their day-to-day lives. And with Cloudinary, you can take your image URLs to brand new heights.

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