AR/3D Viewer customizations

Last updated: Jul-20-2023

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The AR/3D Viewer enables you to customize the button design, the loader, and the background image for the viewer, as well as localizing (or otherwise customizing) the UI text strings.

Personalized AR button

You can replace the View in AR button with your own custom CSS and text by using HTML5 slots. The button must include the following attribute slot="ar-button".

Similarly, you can personalize the zoom buttons, using slots "zoom-in" and "zoom-out".

Personalized loader

The loader is what is shown while the 3D model is loading. You can replace the entire loader element by providing a slot div with the following attribute slot="loader".

The following example displays a spinner while the model is loading. Refresh the page to see the loader display.


The AR/3D Viewer is transparent, so you can provide any kind of background to the parent HTML5 element. For example:


You can provide your own translation strings and toggle between locales on the fly by calling the loadLanguages and changeLanguage functions.

You need to replace all the following default string values:

  • Within the AR QR code dialog:
    • viewInAr: 'View in AR'
    • viewInSpace: 'View in your own space'
    • inAr: 'in augmented reality'
    • scanQrCode: 'Scan this qr code:'
    • clickToCopy: 'Or click to copy this url:'
  • Within the loader:
    • loadingModel: 'Loading 3D Model...'

Here's an example of replacing the English strings with Spanish:

  • If you provide your own custom strings for English you still need to call changeLanguage('en');.
  • You can use any value for the language code.

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