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Image rotation
Filters and effects

You don't have to wait to go to a theme park to take an old-timey photograph with your family. Instead, you can use Cloudinary to quickly and easily create this effect on any of your current images.

Old timey photograph

We'll start with two images to work off of:

A picture of a baby with some bubbles: Baby with bubbles picture

An old piece of parchment: Old piece of parchment

First, we'll use the parchment image as a mask to crop the baby picture (more information here: Note that we're also resizing the parchment mask to match the width an height of the baby picture. Custom shape cropping

Next, we'll overlay the parchment on the entire image, making it semi transparent. This will transfer the weathered look over to the image: Adding the weathered look back to the image

Finally, we can add an effect to the end product to give it an enhanced feel (in this case, we'll apply the Sepia effect, giving the image a much more aged look): Sepia effect applied

Try using a combination of these effects to create a wide variety of styles:

Changed to grayscale to make it look like it was taken from a newspaper article: Grayscale

Adding some overlayed text: Font overlay