Automatically Flip Videos
Automatically Flip Videos
Filters and effects

Rotating and flipping videos on Cloudinary is a cakewalk. To rotate a video to an angle you desire, set the angle parameter. To mirror a video and vertically or horizontally flip it, set vflip or hflip as the angle value. Examples:

Vertical Mirror Flip

A positive integer value rotates a video clockwise; a negative integer value, counterclockwise. If the angle is not a multiple of 90, Cloudinary adds a rectangular bounding box to house the rotated video.

Forty-Five-Degree Clockwise Rotation

To rotate an image or text overlay on a video, first overlay the image or text and rotate them.

Want to convert a vertical video to a horizontal one or vice versa? You can do that by padding it and adding a blurred background. For example, for a resolution of 1280x720, see below.

Blurred Padding of Vertical Videos for a Horizontal Conversion

Say you have a couple of videos on the same event, one horizontal and the other vertical, and you want to merge them.One way of doing that is to crop both videos to a 1:1 aspect ratio so that they share the same dimensions, and then concatenate the videos.