Create your own Duotone filter
Create your own Duotone filter
Filters and effects

A cool new design trend popularized by Shopify is Duotone imagery. There’s a good post on the Shopify blog covering this and some other trends so you can read that there if curious (4 Trendy Visual Design Trends - Shopify Blog). In the spirit of Cloudinary Cookbooks, we’re going to get right down to business.

Here's the original image we’re going to work off: Original,f_auto/18882410261_e4f9d25780_b_lked9y.jpg

We need to do two things here, make it grayscale, then apply the duotone using our “tint” effect. Duotone Red,f_auto/e_grayscale/e_tint:50:red/18882410261_e4f9d25780_b_lked9y.jpg

You can adjust the color name, use a hex value, change the strength of tinting by changing that “50” number (higher number is stronger), etc., to achieve the desired effect.

You can also specify two different colors, here a blue and a yellow in hex:


Changing grayscale to black and white creates this effect:

Duotone Blue and Yellow - blackwhite, removing the implicit black and white,f_auto/e_blackwhite/e_tint:100:0000ff:0p:ffff00:100p/18882410261_e4f9d25780_b_lked9y.jpg

As is typical with Cloudinary, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Try to come up with a better Duotone transformation and post it in the comments!

Effects documentation to help you in your endeavor: Cloudinary Effects Cheatsheet