Add a shadow effect to an image
Add a shadow effect to an image
Filters and effects

Add a shadow effect to any image just by setting the effect parameter to shadow (e_shadow in URLs). You can customize the x and y offsets of the shadow and the blurring level. The shadow's color can be also changed by setting the color parameter (co in URLs).

Here's an uploaded image for example: Original

Below you can see the same image while applying the 'shadow' effect: Default shadow

The offset of the shadow can be customized by setting the x and y parameters: Custom shadow,x_13,y_13/cloudinary_icon.png

You can also control the shadow's blurring level (level range: 0-100, default level: 40) Position+blur,x_15,y_15/cloudinary_icon.png

You can also specify the shadow's color. You can specify the color name: Colored shadow,x_15,y_15,co_brown/cloudinary_icon.png

As an alternative, you can specify the color by an RGB value to match the exact color you need: RGB colored shadow,x_15,y_15,co_rgb:0B70B6/cloudinary_icon.png