Adjust the hue value of images
Adjust the hue value of images
Filters and effects

Create a different mixture of colors for your images with the Hue filter. This can be applied by setting the effect parameter to hue (e_hue in URLs). The hue level can be customized.

Here's an original image for example: Original

Here it is again after applying the hue effect with its default value: Default level

While the default value is 80, you can customize the hue level, for example: Custom level

The adjustment of the Hue level is not limited to the main image, it can be changed for overlaid images as well. Here's the same image with an avatar overlay, scaled-down and placed in a 20 pixels offset (for both x and y) from the south-east corner: With overlay

Here's the same image after applying the hue effect (with a custom level 50) on the overlay avatar image: Custom hue level for overlay