Resize an image
Resize an image
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Resize your images by setting the width and/or height parameters (w and h in URLs). When resizing using Cloudinary's URL-based transformations, Cloudinary will automatically apply the scale crop mode. Alternatively, you can use any one of our many supported crop modes.

Resizing an image can be easily done on-the-fly in the cloud. Resize an image by setting the width and height parameter, or by setting the percentage of the scaling ratio.

Here's an original image: Original

To resize your image. specify the width and the height parameters (w and h in URLs): Scaled

The scale crop mode keeps all parts of the image visible. In this case, specifying 'width' and 'height' values which do not match the original image's ratio may result a stretched / shrunken image: Stretched

Cloudinary supports specifying just the 'width' or 'height' parameter, instead of both. This will ensure that the original aspect ratio is maintained: Specifying width only

You can change the dimensions of an image by a specified multiplier. Simply use a decimal value to define your required size. Here as well, you can provide only the width or height parameters instead of both of them: Resize2

Scaling can also be used to enlarge an image. For example by setting the width parameter to a value higher than the original width: Scale-up by dimension

You can also enlarge the image by setting the percentage to a higher value than '1.0': Scale-up by percentage