Sharpen an image
Sharpen an image
Filters and effects

Use Cloudinary to sharpen your images easily and dynamically. Image sharpening can be applied by setting the effect parameter to sharpen (e_sharpen in URLs). A custom sharpen level can be set in order to get the exact effect you need.

Cloudinary includes various image manipulation tools, which offer automatic tweaks and retouches for your images. They become quite handy as they can really improve your website with a great graphics design. One of these tools is the 'Sharpen' effect.

Here's an original image for example: Original

While it looks quite good, here it is with a bit of sharpness applied to it: Sharpened

You can control the strength of the sharpen effect to match your graphic design. The sharpen value range is 1-2000, while the default level is 100. Here's an example of a more intense sharpening of the same image by setting the sharpen level to 1000: Sharpened more