Video overlays
Video overlays

Place a video on top of another by using the overlay parameter while adding the ‘video:’ type to it (l_video in URLs).

It’s possible to have the overlay video displayed in a specific location (using the gravity parameter) and for a limited amount of time with the start_offset and end_offset -,e_accelerate:100,l_video:abbey_road/g_west,so_0,eo_2,fl_layer_apply/l_video:abbey_road/w_150,e_accelerate:100,g_center,so_2,eo_5,fl_layer_apply/l_video:abbey_road/w_150,e_accelerate:100,g_east,so_5,fl_layer_apply/dog.mp4

This can be used for adding an animated watermark to your videos. Here’s an example - overlaying an animated Cloudinary logo for 5 seconds and placing it on the south_east corner of the ‘dog’ video -,l_video:arrow_animation.mp4,g_south_east,eo_5/dog.mp4