Automatically improve photos
Automatically improve photos
Filters and effects

Automatically improve the visual quality of your images using Cloudinary. Image improving is done by setting the effect parameter to improve (e_improve in URLs). All images and thumbnails of your website would seamlessly look much clearer and vivid.

With Cloudinary's image improvement filters and effects you can embed better looking images in your websites and mobile apps with ease. You can even mix and match multiple improvement filters together to create cool, "artistic" results. Tell Cloudinary to retouch images with a fully automated image improvement filter for adjusting image colors, contrast and lightness.

Here's an example of an original image that doesn't look optimal: Original

Applying Cloudinary's cloud-based 'improve' effect makes it look much better: Improved

Any further cloud-based image manipulations can be applied as well as chained transformations: Improved, cropped