Blur or pixelate faces
Blur or pixelate faces
Filters and effects

Hide faces in your images by telling Cloudinary to either blur or automatically pixelate the detected faces. This is done by setting the effect parameter to either blur_faces or pixelate_faces (e_blur_faces or e_pixelate_faces in URLs). The level of blurring and the size of the pixel squares can customized.

Here's an image example uploaded to Cloudinary: Original

###Blurring faces Blur all detected faces of the image by setting the effect parameter to blur_faces (e_blur_faces in URLs): Blur faces

While the default blurring value is 100, you can customize the level to a value between 1 and 2000 (the higher the value - the more blurry the effect).
For instance, here's a more blurry example with a value of 1000: Less blurry

###Pixelating faces Pixelate all detected faces in the image by setting the effect parameter to pixelate_faces (e_pixelate_faces in URLs): Pixelate faces

You can also set a custom value for the size of the pixels squares. Here's an example of larger squares: Larger squares pixelation

Here's an example of smaller squares: Smaller squares pixelation