Last updated: Jul-20-2023

You can upload any file type, from almost any source, using a variety of upload options. Cloudinary provides a secure and comprehensive API for easily uploading assets from server-side code, directly from the browser or from a mobile application, and a complete interactive upload widget for embedding in your client-side code.

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    Uploading assets Details the options for uploading images, videos and other files to Cloudinary. Learn about the REST API upload method for authenticated and unauthenticated requests, and how the Cloudinary backend SDKs wrap and simplify using the upload method while automatically generating the signature needed for authenticated uploads. Includes information on client-side uploading options including the interactive upload widget, using the upload parameters, and generating an authentication signature.
    Transformations on upload Explains how to apply incoming transformations to your assets before saving them to your account, and how to pregenerate the different versions of the asset you will want to deliver with eager transformations.
    Analysis on upload Details the various analysis options available when uploading assets, including image quality and accessibility analysis, extracting semantic data from assets, requesting moderation for the uploaded assets, and even evaluating and modifying any upload parameters.
    Upload presets Explains how to use upload presets to centrally define a set of upload options to various use cases, including how to create and manage the presets, what settings takes precedence during upload, and setting default upload presets

    See also

    • Asset administration: Covers options for managing your uploaded assets programmatically, including various CRUD options, backups and version management, notifications and webhooks, and authentication and signature options.
    • Upload API reference: Details all the upload parameters available, as well as the other methods available in the upload API.

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