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Last updated: Nov-23-2023

Both the upload and admin APIs provide methods for managing your uploaded media assets and related files such as upload presets, transformations, metadata, and more.

  • The Admin API is rate-limited, which means you can make up to 500 requests per hour on our Free plan, with increasing limits on our paid plans.
  • You can make unlimited requests to the upload API.

Besides these APIs, administering your assets also involve activities such as backing up and, when needed, restoring previous versions of assets, preparing signatures for use with different operations that require authentication, checking your account usage data, and making decisions for when and which webhook notifications you want to set up to support your application needs.

This guide covers ways to manage your assets and other files programmatically. You can also manage your assets through your Cloudinary Console using Digital Asset Management features.

This guide includes:

Page Description
Basic management Update and manage assets uploaded to your product environment through the upload and admin APIs, as well as in the Media Explorer.
Search for assets A variety of methods to help you find your assets.
Custom metadata You can store three types of metadata with your assets: structured metadata, contextual metadata, and tags.
Create assets Cloudinary methods for creating a variety of new assets such as animated images, PDFs, videos, archives, collages, and images from text.
Backups and version management Enable automatic backup so that every uploaded asset is also copied to a secondary write-protected location, while keeping multiple revisions per file. You can then restore deleted files or specific versions of a file.
Account usage data View statistics, graphs, and other important information about your account usage.
Webhook notifications Notifications inform your backend when certain actions have completed, either from an upload API method, or from a user action in the Media Library.
Signatures An overview and quick reference summarizing the various types of signatures you may need to generate and the payload you need to include in the signature for each case.

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