Getting started with MediaFlows

Last updated: Apr-20-2023

In this section, we will walk you through the quickest route to discover the magic of MediaFlows. Once done, you will have a working flow you can use to transform any image to a beautiful e-commerce banner.

To get started, go to

After logging in to MediaFlows, you will be presented with MediaFlows Console.

MediaFlows templates

Create project

First, create a project and connect it to a Cloudinary product environment.

Create flow

Now that you created project, use a template to quickly get a flow up and running.

Execute flow

Woo-hoo 🥳 You now have the flow ready. Let's execute it and see how it works.

We will use MediaFlows DAM App to trigger the flow from Cloudinary's media library.

The execution log can be viewed in MediaFlows. Once the flow execution is done, a banner will be created and located next to the original image.

Original image: MediaFlows templates

Created banner: MediaFlows templates

Great job! You created your first flow 👏

Next, modify the template and fit it to your needs, explore other templates, or build a new media application from scratch.

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